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Johanna Maria Riemen

Johanna Maria Riemen is a psychic, trance-medium, visionary and healer. A modest woman with extraordinary powers. Her insights and information do not originate from books or educations. She is a woman who “hears” and “sees” everything from the divine world.


What is the  divine world and are there any other worlds? Is there a world after death in which the good and the bad people live among each other just like on earth, or are there different worlds to be distinguished? Johanna Maria calls these worlds the “layers”: seven divine upper layers and seven hellish under layers.

As of the age of eleven, she was regularly taken to the under layers and upper layers, accompanied by seven Light Beings for when the time would be right, to pass on that information in a
bundled form. As a guidance to grow further to the highest layers until the life purpose: Paradise, for this is our origin after all.
Maria Riemen successfully guides people from all walks of life.

Maria lives and works from compassion for her fellow man.

Her love for humanity translates into guiding people who need depth in life and need spiritual support.

Many knew how to find her.

In recent years, Maria has been winding down her practice and is no longer accepting new clients.

Maria does not provide medical advice.

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