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Answers for the soul

Answers for the soul is a practical guide you can use to become aware of your own influence on your
growth. It helps you break patterns, clear away saboteurs and find strength in yourself.

The book provides answers to questions such as:

  • What is the soul?

  • What is the difference between ego, the self, psyche, soul and spirit?

  • How can you start working in the now to obtain more insight into your soul?

  • What can you do to grow faster?

  • How can you deal better with yourself and with others?

  • Are there different forms of infatuation and how are these expressed?

  • What is the difference between your soulmate and soul affinity's?

  • What is surrender actually and how do you recognise it?

  • What are saboteurs and what can you do to conquer them?

This workbook is a practical development of the book “The eternal life of the soul” by Johanna MariaRiemen and Sophie R. Jacobsen. In “Answers for the soul”, Maria provides answers to questions Sophie asks her.

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