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The Eternal life of the soul

Some subjects from the book

Some people are losing their faith in God as a result of all the evil in the world. People who claim that
every person embodies some good and some bad characteristics. Others believe that everyone,
regardless of what he or she does or has done, ends up in Heaven. Or that the evil in the world is
caused, among other things, by poverty.

It is striking that the responsibility is transferred elsewhere. But everything we do or omit, think and feel, cultivate or conquer brings us to a certain place. The way I am today, is determined by what I did or thought in the past. We are the ones determining the way we are and want to become.


The purpose of this life is for us to grow and to eventually return to the place we come from: Paradise.


But where are we going when we die?


And why are there good and bad people?

Are all people gathering again in the afterlife, like we do on earth?


These are some of the many questions that are answered in “The eternal life of the soul”.

The book describes the journeys of Maria Riemen to the different realms after death, which she refers to as the layers. A layer is the place of residence you move to after death. There are seven stages above and seven stages below: the seven upper layers and the seven under layers. For the upper layers, the seventh stage is the highest. For the under layers, the seventh stage is the lowest. These layers are both places of residence and levels.


The place of residence or the layer you go to after death, corresponds to the level you have (subconsciously) on earth. The layer you end up in, is determined by the way you lived your life. That has nothing to do with being smart or dumb, but it has everything to do with being good or bad. The book indicates the bottlenecks in every layer. And the way in which you can recognise those difficulties best and then address them.

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