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The Eternal life of the soul

Some subjects from the book

Everyone in the upper layers knows the difference between good and evil. As long as there is a conscious, you can be suffering from your conscious. But when there is no longer a desire for the good, the desire bows to the will of the evil. You can say a lot or a little about evil but you do not have to be profound about it: someone from the upper layers is always resistant to the wrong. Because the
conscience speaks.

Conscience: you feel a power running through you, like a tormenting sensor. But when the ego is stronger, you start justifying it for yourself. You can make the wrong choices to prevent annoying things, perhaps because you want someone to like you. It becomes a habit to justify the wrong. That is a saboteur. You do not take responsibility. But as long as you can still feel a bit of remorse, you have the incentive of your conscience. Your conscience is the brake against evil.


These times make it easy to deteriorate. You can easily hide behind, for example, knowledge or technology if that is what you are good at. The biggest obstacle is attachment to negative habits.

Especially because you do not see it as something negative. It is always the other one who is wrong.
A lot of misery stems from jealousy: betrayal, slander, deception, greed, defamation, aggression, deceit, dishonesty.


We do the most terrible things out of jealousy. That can also be fear but the ego always plays a part.

The ego always wants to have something, be something: titles, prestige, power, money, knowledge, appearance, items. Just like leading positions. People can disguise themselves with positions, knowledge, money, appearance, even with humour.


When you let go of your conscience entirely, you end up in the under layers. When you no longer have a conscience, you also do not have a bad conscience.

You no longer have feelings in the under layers, you have aborted these. That is something different than your feelings being blocked when being in an upper layer; it is still there but you cannot reach it.
Furthermore, there is a distinction between people who are bad and people who do bad things.


The less conscience you have, the worse you think. Negative thinking is separate from someone’s intelligence because intelligence is separate from the layer you are in.

You can be in a high layer and be “dumb” in people’s eyes. Or be in an under layer and be intelligent. Or vice versa.

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