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The Eternal life of the soul

Some subjects from the book

Problems between people arise because they are unable to understand each other. One of the
causes may be that people are in different layers, do not recognise that fact, and are unable to
comprehend that someone else does not understand.

Someone from a higher layer is usually able to understand a person from a lower layer, but not the other way around. Nevertheless, attractiveness between people is not connected with the layer they are in. This is because attractiveness generally relates to people you know from previous lives, and especially to people with whom you have certain matters to solve.


When the difference between people and the layers they are in is too big, there is always a huge difference in, for example, emotional situations. When you enter into that battle, you are unable to solve it and you will pull each other down. In the first three upper layers, dependence (which can also be expressed materially) can be mistaken for love; but it is love at an ego-level.


You can maintain a bad relationship in the name of love. For example, everything was so great in the beginning and you continue to endlessly cherish and hold on to that memory. If you do so, you are fooling yourself and you do not love yourself.

But if you want to stay together anyway, while it is very difficult, you can also create a different form of relationship in which you do not have to understand everything the other does. You should also dare to grow alone in a relationship.

If the other person does not want to follow, you must be able to let go without making the other person feel guilty. For example, you do not always have to sleep in one bed or in one room; you do not have to like the same things, you do not have to do everything together, etc. You are often able to grow passed the many difficulties in a relationship.


Partners originating from different layers can experience difficulties, yet the same applies to parents and children. However, the difference is that children are at the mercy of the parents while partners can make their own choices. Children are surrendered to their upbringing when the parents believe they are in charge and that a child is incapable of knowing or doing anything. Such parents should learn to look and to listen to their child instead of limiting the child in what it can or cannot do or is allowed to do.

We are dealing with individual souls; parents can let their child grow but the other way around is also possible if the willingness is there. A child from a higher layer can be wiser than the parents it ends up with.

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