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The Eternal life of the soul

Some subjects from the book



  1. The Journey

  2. Layers, chakras, soul and psyche

  3. Perfectly made

  4. The upper layers

  5. First Layer: Jealousy, Conscience

  6. Second layer: Rationalising, Own interest

  7. Third layer: Adressing your ego, Being honest towards yourself

  8. Fourth layer: From yourself to Self, Saboteurs, Sickness, Thinking, Confrontation, Surrender

  9. Fifth layer: Liberation, Trust, God’s test, The heart

  10. Sixth layer: Faith, Servitude, Obedience, A hair’s breadth, Prayer

  11. Seventh layer: The end of the journey of the soul

12. Paradise

13. Angels

14. The under layers: Hell and purgatory, The seven under layers

15. Evil, The path of least resistance, Satan, Hatred, Holocaust,

       Black magic and more

16. Dying, The process of dying, Guidance

17. Relationships, Feelings and emotions in the upper layers, Feelings and emotions in the under layers

18. Family, Crossroads, The line, Congenialities and
       like-minded people, Soulmates

19.  Visions, Paranormal

       Recommended literature

       List of keywords

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