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The Eternal life of the soul

Some subjects from the book

Saboteurs are patterns. They are attachments to and repetitions of ways of thinking, a certain
lifestyle, emotions, etc. These have started to become a habit so they are no longer recognisable, are
no longer standing out; making it difficult to find out why certain things or experiences continue to
happen to you.

Saboteurs have only one goal: preventing and undermining your growth. The habit is their disguise.
Saboteurs have become a habit because we have given in to them so easily; meaning we often do not even notice that we are full of patterns and saboteurs.


You can also think you do not have them because you bury your head in the sand: I pretend “it” is not there, I do not see “it”, do not hear “it”, do not participate in “it” and I am also not there: “I am better than that”.

If you do not want to confront certain matters, you also do not see saboteurs; however, if you continue to incorrectly address the lessons of life, you continue to make the same mistakes. It is therefore important to become aware of the issues you continue to experience and to then expose that saboteur. When you know that everything has a reason because causes can also originate from previous lives, you do not have to wonder: why is this happening to me? That is why! The question is not: why, but: what do you do with it? The answer is not to think: I have not deserved this, this is unfair. Deserved or not, the best thing to do is: always try to makes the right choices.

Because you are working on certain negative patterns, the subconscious in which they are stored will come up naturally. The subconscious is a storage space for saboteurs.


When you consciously start working on patterns, you work on the subconscious at the same time and you will notice it by the emerging resistance: one side of you wants to do it, but another side is opposed to it.

You should observe yourself, just have a look, analyse situations; what is happening, how do I feel, what does it trigger in me? Without any judgment, without prejudice. Just like a mirror that reflects everything without identifying with the images it displays.

But a pattern can start with something very small so you do not even notice it and slowly, the entire pattern creeps in again without you even being aware of it.

You should be very conscious when it comes to working out patterns because they have had many years to grow and to nest. And you have given them time. Only when you can see through them, you know how deceptive they actually were.

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