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The Eternal life of the soul

Some subjects from the book

Brief summary


The art of working on and with yourself is having the courage to constantly return to the basis. The honesty to consistently start over and to investigate your conscious. Conscience is part of the soul, but the soul is the whole. Your soul is the person you originally are.


Wrong choices create shells around the soul we have to peel off again. The more shells you peel off, the deeper you enter the soul. That is not a matter of learning beautiful and new things for that is quite simple. It is a matter of abandoning wrong patterns and saboteurs. And that is tough. So the only
thing we need to do, is to clean up our baggage.


The development of conscience takes place in the first layer. The conscience is the brake against evil. The moment the conscience is relinquished, you enter the under layers.


The second layer contains a beginning of compassion, the ego is somewhat abandoned.


The ego is cleared away in the third layer. This means surrendering to your “self”. Addressing and clearing away the ego is a difficult task.


The fourth layer clears away the “self”. The ego is covering the “self” like a shell, the “self” is covering the soul. In order to get to the soul, the ego and the “self” have to be cleared away. You surrender your self to God at the end of this layer. This submission, releasing your “self”, is the hardest
part of the growth process. 

A process of deepening takes place in the fifth layer. Because of the inner liberation, all doubt has disappeared; you know, you feel, it is. But you are not done yet, you still have things to clean up; you are tested. For that you need faith and that will grow in this layer. This is a process of deepening and
even further surrender.


You live from your soul in the sixth layer. That provides a deep sense of calm, peace and happiness.
You are standing in faith without the need of it being established in a religion. Confidence and faith are always with you, apart from the way you feel or what is happening. You have an inner knowing and feeling with regard to the divine and nothing or nobody can take that away from you.


You grow towards sanctification in the seventh layer. At the end of the seventh layer, you are freed from the heavy burden of the layers. You live in God-consciousness.


By having insight in the fact that people are in different layers, you learn to distinguish meaning you can understand problems better and are able to deal with these problems in a different way.

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